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NAO Airocool™ and Hydrocool™ Burners are unique inspirating type burners
that fire a wide range of gaseous fuels and waste vapors.  These burners have
special nozzles to produce either narrow (pencil type) or wide flames.

Burner Nozzles -- Airocool Wide Flame, Hydrocool (Hydrogen Tip), Airocool Narrow (Pencil Type) Flame TipWide Flame Airocool Burner for Heating of Process Vessel or Tank -- Spark Ignited Pilot and Noise Reduction ShroudAngle Type AIROCOOL Burner for process heater -- short well defined flame, very low excess air and low NOx

The burners are available in sizes from 1/2", 1", 1 1/4", 2"  to 8" diameter with firing rates of
50,000 to 8 MM Btu/Hr.  The burner venturi is highly effective in inspirating air, producing a
cool low NOx flame.  The burners operate with very low excess air and provide well defined
and stable flames.  These burners have been in service for over 80 years and are very reliable
and easy to operate.  These burners are very heavy duty and will operate many years (many units
in service for over 30 years) without repairs or replacement parts.

Example of 8" Airocool Burners -- Packed for Shipment8" Airocool Nozzles -- Pencil type flame (narrow) -- Tips are refractory faced for long life and reliable service.

For example, in Ecuador, a refinery had Airocool™ Burners in service for over 30 years and
then were "sold"  some new high efficiency low NOx Brand "X" burners.  The Brand "X" burners
were put into service and performed poorly -- the Brand "X"  were sold as low NOx  type but
their NOx levels were actually much higher (nearly 2x) that the old premixed Airocool™ Burners.
After 2 years of trouble, replacing tips every few months and plugging of the very small burner
orifices, the refinery people contacted NAO to get new Airocool™ Burners to replace the
Brand "X" burners.  Since the Airocool™ Burners were reinstalled the refinery has operated
trouble free for almost 11 years and the operators are happy again.

Airocool burners come in many configurations:

                Angled for Side Wall Firing                                Downfired for Reformers

4 Inch AIROCOOL BURNER Inspirating Premixed Type Naturally LOW NOx Angled Design for Side Wall Firing    NAO 4 Inch STRAIGHT Downfired AIROCOOL Burner for REFORMER USE -- Ammonia Production

NAO has make recent updates to the Airocool™ Burners which allows improved performance
with lower NOx levels.  Here is one example of an updated Airocool™ Burner that was replaced
after nearly 65 years service in the United Kingdom.
  Click here for PDF.

The Airocool™ Burners are available in single, dual (see below for dual -- RAMS HORN DESIGN)
and 4 headed configurations for straight and angle firing.

4" Airocool Burner with Dual Heads -- RAMSHORN TYPE  Airocool burners are available with single, dual and 4 heads for both straight and angular firing

Hydrocool™ Burners are used when the plant or waste gas contains high percentages of
hydrogen (very fast burning gas).  The Hydrocool™ Burners use a special venturi insert
in the burner nozzle to accelerate the gas at its exit thus reducing flashback of the fast
burning hydrogen gas.

The Airocool™ burners can also be equipped with central mounted oil atomizer (oil gun)
to fire oil (#2 or even heavy oils, i.e., bunker C) as a backup fuel.

The Airocool™ Burners can also be supplied with primary eductors for low pressure vapors
or waste gases.  The eductor will pull the waste vapor or gas into the burner.  They produce a
vacuum of approximately 6" (150 mm) WC and are driven by compressed air, steam or fuel gas.

8" Airocool Burners with Steam Eductors for Disposal & Energy Recovery of Refinery Low Pressure Waste Vapors

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