NAO Jet Mix Burners

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NAO Jet Mix™ Gas Burners  provide high combustion efficiency firing gas.  They require a minimum of furnace draft and low excess air.  They also give very high turndown and excellent flame stability.  The Jet Mix™ Gas Burners are available in natural draft, forced draft and pressure type configurations.  While the high turbulence tends to produce high NOx levels, NAO has developed low NOX and ultralow NOx types using staged combustion and recirculation.

Literature -- NAO Jet Mix™ Units

Bulletin 58C.1 -- NAO Jet Mix Gas Burners -- Optional Low NOx features Click here or on the photo for more details


Typical NAO Forced Draft Low NOx Staged Jet Mix™ Unit
   with Spark Ignited Pilot -- Used for Waste Fume Oxidizer

 NAO Jet Mix Gas Burner for forced draft application, i.e., therrmal oxidizer -- Short Well Defined Flame with Low NOx - staged fuel firing

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